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Hello, World!

Just a short post to launch the firm's periodic musing on various developments in the intersection of technology and law.

For the readers, the firm hopes that these postings differ from the usual stream of client and news alerts that you are likely already getting (probably from multiple sources). The firm is more interested in looking at trends and trying to extract more interesting thoughts on what they might mean to the tech industry in general. Postings might also reflect a summary of things being discussed on bulletin boards you may not be monitoring (but which the firm both monitors, and actively participates).

The graphic is one that many of you will recognize (although perhaps only through your reading of really old programming language manuals...). It represents the first two programming languages I learned, in 1977 (!) and 1980 (!) respectively. To make it even more notable (or cringe-inducing), the tangible media of expression upon which I was writing my code were: 1) punched paper tape and 2) the old IBM/Hollerith punch cards. Compile time for those media were glacial, to say the least.

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