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Project Ownership & Project Enforcement: The Rules, They Are A-Changing
FOSS Backstage, Berlin, Germany, 18 March 2022

IAAL: Lessons from 20+ Years of Open Source Lawyering
OSI Practical Open Source Information, On-Line, 16 September 2021

 Patents and Freedom: Where We Stand Now
LibrePlanet, On-Line, 15 March 2020

"Installation Information" and GPLv3 & GPLv2: What is It, and What Must You Provide?
Linux Foundation Summit, Seattle, Washington, USA, 27 September 2021

Patents: What We've Done So Far, and What More May Need to be Done.
OSI State of The Source, On-Line, 9 September 2020

Debate: Should FOSS licenses be enforced at all? What means are acceptable if so?
FOSDEM, Brussels, Belgium, 1 February 2020

"Extreme" Copyleft: Boon, or Bane
CopyleftConf, Brussels, Belgium, 4 February 2019


Interview, Sustain Podcast, about FOSS Backstage presentation
18 March 2022

FOSS-Backstage InterviewMcCoy Smith
00:00 / 22:32

Interview, The Business of Open Source Podcast
27 January 2021

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