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Lex Pan Law is a full-service technology and intellectual property law firm, based in Portland, Oregon, USA.

With over 35 years of experience in virtually every facet of technology and law, and with 20 years of experience in an in-house legal department for Fortune 50 technology company, Lex Pan Law prides itself on giving clear, concise, pragmatic, and efficient legal services.  With a deep background in virtually ever facet of patent law -- from prosecution, to litigation, to licensing, to analysis and opinions -- Lex Pan Law can also provide highly-specialized advice to engineering teams and engineering management about the complex intersection between technology and the law.  Lex Pan Law also has a long-standing interest in the intersection of copyright law and technology, and has extensive experience and community contacts in the free and open source licensing world (including software, hardware, and content).


The firm's location provides Lex Pan Law the ability to service the major technology hubs on the West Coast of the USA, while still maintaining manageable pricing. The firm's frequent travels outside of North America, for sought-after lectures and presentations, also allow Lex Pan Law to readily serve non-USA clients.  Large-company experience enables Lex Pan Law to give advice on complex legal and technology issues to in-house legal and technology teams, but the firm's size and agility also allows it to give pragmatic and flexible advice to smaller entities.

The firm has a commitment to community outreach and pro bono work, and is proud of its Cascadian roots and values.

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